Saturday, 3 March 2012

Your Hair

I once read on the amazing fashion blog, The Sartorialist, that hair is the one accessory that we wear everyday.  It naturally follows that we should play up this asset, giving it the attention it deserves.  The article went on to say that most women of this generation don't take care of their hair, even though doing so could be the best fashion decision they could make.  I've been mulling that statement over in my head since I read it...for far too long, actually, without doing anything about it.

My hair has been awkward for awhile now.  Naturally, it's an ashy light brown color ("dirty blonde" or "mousy brown" is what people always call it).  Part of me likes my natural color.  I'm used to seeing it, and there is something to be said for the way your natural color fits your face.  Perhaps, too, I was holding onto the way the color used to appear when it was long.  Marbled light brown and sun-kissed blonde streaks.  But after cutting, dying, and growing it out again and again, that color just wasn't happening for me anymore.  It had become flat, boring, and ugly.  Since I didn't want to bleach highlights into it, I had to change the color altogether.

Three months ago, I went into a hair salon and got a long bob, inspired by Amanda Seyfried's style in the movie In Time.  I didn't go for the bangs, however, and I left my color the same.  I loved the cut but was always tucking the front pieces behind my ears, which sort of ruined it.  Still, I received compliments by the bucket loads, and thought I had found the most flattering hair style for myself.  As such, I was pretty nervous to make a big-commitment change, like going for bangs, but I thought it would suit me better, and in the end, I had to go for it.

I went to a good salon, brought in pictures, consulted with them, and then went for a big change.   Channeling my style icon, Zooey Deschanel, I went for a thick fringe with face-framing pieces, and a dark color.  I also got my edges trimmed and some thinning done (since I'm trying to grow it out).  Just the tiny trim and thinning made such a huge difference!  I could easily put my hair up, or even straighten it.  Hair professionals know what they are doing with a pair of scissors, let me tell you.  And it makes life easier.  For color, we did a dark chocolate brown with a golden brown sheen to it.  My hair is so shiny, and my blue eyes pop!  I couldn't be happier with it, and now I realize just how true the statement in the first sentence of this post is.  The smartest thing to do is to invest in a great hair cut (and possibly color).  When your hair is fabulous, you look and feel invincible.  You can wear something great, but if your hair is blah, you will look at least somewhat blah.  I feel now as if I can wear almost anything in my wardrobe with more panache.  I'm more confident, creative, and happy. 

People will notice if you have terrific hair.  They won't notice that you have one less pair of shoes, or aren't wearing a necklace.  So re-wear that cardigan, add some DIY flower clips to your old heels, and splurge on your hair! 

P.S.  If you're looking for an amazing salon, I highly recommend Aveda or Aveda-affiliated salons.  That's where I always go, and I've never had a bad experience.  Their stylists are skilled, friendly, and helpful.  Their products are wonderful and smell divine.  To top it all off, the experience is spa-like and their prices are pretty competitive for a good salon!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Instagram account

I now have an instagram account for this blog! Check me out there for much more frequent updates via pictures of my pooch, as well as outfit of the day, DIY projects, home decor and more! My username at is ThatLadyWithTheDog
I also post the photos on my twitter account, ThatLadyWTD.


Friday, 26 August 2011

OOTD: Summer Night In The Park

Shirt: American Eagle  Cardigan: Dynamite Skirt & Tank Top:  Charlotte Russe  Necklace: JmundoDesigns Bracelet:  Headband worn as wrap bracelet from Walmart  Shoes: Aldo  Lipstick:  Estee Lauder "Sunstone"  Legwarmers & Earrings: Gift

Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Review: Wedding and Interview

So we're back from the interview and the wedding, had a day of rest, and now I'm making myself get stuff done.  On a frustrating note, Derek didn't get his visa approval right away.  Everything went well - they told us that everything looked good (apparently we convinced them that we were married and that we made enough money) but the only issue was "establishing domicile."  That means that we have to prove that we are in fact moving to the states.  That seems so stupid to me, because why would we have gone through all that trouble to NOT move?  (Guess I should have worn something red, white, and blue :P) Haha.  Anyway it's quite easy, we just have to send in a few more papers via mail - we don't have to go back to Quebec, thank God.  It should be fast, as well, so we should still be moving soon (mid September, perhaps?).  So all in all, a very good outcome, but quite frustrating after spending five hours sitting in a building knowing you have to be in Traverse City in less than twenty four hours. 
Dress: Express Shoes: Aldo Necklace: Designs By Annika Headband: Feather Your Nest

We did, in fact, make it to Traverse City in time, and my friend Sharayah's wedding was so lovely.  It was incredibly emotional watching her tie the knot, and seeing her so happy.  Her classic fashion sense was evident in the sand-colored tuxedos she chose for the men, the hints of color to her ensemble (blush colored sash and veil) and amazing hairdo.  I will have to share more and better pictures when I stumble across them.  As to the matter of what I wore, the above was not my carefully planned outfit.  My carefully planned outfit is actually in Quebec, where I left it, hanging up in our hotel room.  -_-  The dress I ended up wearing is this gorgeous, colorful number, and I received it from my in-laws for Christmas.  It actually ended up being a better choice than my original plan, so hey, not all a loss.  I tend to purchase black dresses, but I don't like wearing black to a wedding.  Other dresses of mine have a white base with a print over it, but I also don't like wearing white to a wedding, so this dress will actually probably be a staple for attending weddings.  It's celebratory, formal, but still very wearable.  I can't say the same for my stilettos, but I fail-danced the night away in them regardless.  Also worth mentioning, Sharayah managed to seat us probably with the best people...ever.  It was the most successful seating chart in the history of seating charts.  Most likely.  
We gave the bride and groom somewhat of a creative present, but I won't tell you what it is in case they haven't opened it yet.  Maybe in a couple of days I will.  Well, little hands of panic are closing around my throat as I contemplate the workload before me, so I better get crackin'.  Just try not to think about what it's going to take in order to be packed up and ready to move across the continent in a month, Elizabeth...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Would you let the husband of this woman into your country?

Shirt:  Dress worn as top from Charlotte Russe Skirt and Belt: I think from JC Penny Heels: Payless Bracelet: Necklace worn as wrap bracelet from Ben Moss Jewelers

Tomorrow, Derek and I leave to head to Montreal, Quebec, to attend a visa interview.  My husband is trying to become a permanent resident of the states so that we can live in California!  This should hopefully be the first and only interview, and we don't really know what to expect.  They should give hubby the green light for moving right away, but the process could (fingers crossed, let's hope not) take longer still.  Anyway, I don't even know if I'm being interviewed, but I'm sort-of sick with dread.  My horror of any sort of test and my penchant for forgetting normal things that everybody knows like their own address make this not the sort of situation I would succeed in.  Furthermore, the determining of where I am going to live is a lot to rest on how an interview goes.  Of course, we will eventually live in the states, but California has been calling me home for too long now as it is.  To compensate for my utter lack of prowess in interview situations, I have put together the perfect outfit.  I wanted to look like a contributing member of society, wealthy, and respectable.  I may have overdone it, but it's basically either jeans or this.  Haha.
After that, we're driving down to Michigan to attend the wedding of my dear friend, Sharayah.  I am VERY excited for that, but I can't even really focus on that until after the interview.  I would show you my outfit for the wedding, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.  ;)  Meanwhile, Linus will be staying with the in-laws (he loves his "grandparents," and they are total champs about it) so he received a bath and trim two days ago.  We used watered-down baking soda and lemon juice to wash his fur, since that's what we've been using on our own hair for the last two weeks, with great results.  It got Linus really clean, and as with my hair, it made his fur REALLY FLUFFY.  Linus is not usually very fluffy for a male rough Collie, but not using a heavy pet shampoo on him really gave his coat a lot of body.  He looks great, and I'm really excited, because I always wished he was a bit more fluffy.  In this picture, he isn't as fluffy as he was after drying off from his bath two days ago, but he's still more voluminous than usual.

I won't be doing any posts for a few days since I'll be out of town, so while I'm gone, be sure to read the awesome guest post that my friend Abby did yesterday.

Anyway, wish us luck!