My Paintings

Where you can ogle my mad painting skills.  Click on the paintings to see it full-size (HIGHLY recommended if the quality of the photo is good).

I think this one is titled "The Dancer."  It is a painting I did for my best friend, Stephanie's book entitled "Second Wind."  It is a dancer sitting in a studio, watching a sunrise.

Close-up of the dancer, note the cane behind her:

Close up of the dancing bar, panelled flooring, and signature:

I think this one is called "The Dress."  Inspired by this great young jazz musician who would always wear a different, beautiful dress at each performance.  

Detail shot of "The Dress:"

This one is called "The Polar Bear."  My first painting trying to do much with a palette knife.  It is of the northern lights, something I desperately want to see. 

Abstract-ish painting of a pregnant woman.

Painting I did onstage, entitled "There Are Worlds."

A painting I did on stage at a music concert.  Titled "The Sabrina," after one of my favorite films starring Audrey Hepburn.

Detail shot of "The Sabrina:"

Painting inspired by photography from the movie "The Village."  Note the little yellow horse and the blue streak in the shed.

First (and possibly only?) still life.  "White Tulips."

Quick painting I did for my sister.  Don't remember what it's called...something to do with joy, I think.


My set of mermaid paintings.  This one is called "The Mark That John Left."  So named from the book Peter Pan.  John, one of the lost boys, taught the mermaids how to play a game with bubbles, which they continue to do even after John is gone.  I think it might even be a chapter title.

 Detail shot:

This next one is called "Don't Get Caught Out There" for rather obvious reasons.  Those waves, and the red sky, look brutal.  

Detail shot.  Make sure to notice my African American mermaid and her emerald green fins.  When I painted this, I had never seen an African American mermaid, and I though one would be gorgeous.  So ta-da!

My first painting, and it's companion:

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