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"That Lady" and "The Dog" need some help!  We're the new kids on the block and don't really know anybody yet.  If you can contribute in any way, let me know!  If you're a photographer in my area, you could take pictures of me showing off some outfits, if you're a fashion seller or even just if you have a giant closet, send me clothes to keep or borrow which I can model for you!  Want to get advertised or just be really nice?  Then contribute to a giveaway!  A fashionista like myself?  Why not do a guest post?  Even just sending in tips or observations about fashion, dog/pet ownership, or marriage can be really helpful!  Who knows, it may get featured in a post.  Finally, just commenting - leaving any kind of comment - is wonderful.  I can't keep posting without encouragement!  Let me know what sort of posts you like or don't like, if you have any ideas for how to improve the site, or if you just want to chat.  I'd love to hear from you.  Thank you so much, dear reader!


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