Want to shop?  Here are some GREAT places to get yo' shoppin' on.

Anthropologie (favorite store of all time)
Etsy (INCREDIBLE online store where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items)
My Etsy favorites (A treasure trove of truly incredible finds, from clothes to dog items.  If you're new to Etsy, start here.)
Belleetgentille Aprons (Made by my adorable friend Hannah W. who does OOTD pictures with me!)
Chrystalyn Jewelry (A girl I went to school with who makes some truly incredible jewelry)
Uniques By TC (Custom funky baby clothes, although she could probably add appliqué and monograms to adult clothing, as well.  I know I want to order something for myself.  However, if you have a kid, definitely get on this.)
Banana Republic (second favorite store of all time...rather different than Anthropologie, so why are they my two favorites, I wonder?)
American Eagle (I know this probably makes me cheesy or something, but it's seriously the store I buy from the most)
Forever 21 (REALLY low prices.  I recommend only going for their very good deals.)

Recommend some to me!

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