Monday, 11 July 2011

The Beginning

Hi, everyone!  As you may have gathered, this is my first post on my brand-spankin'-new fashion blog.  Let me start by saying that I feel extremely under qualified to be the author of such a blog.  Most importantly, my fashion sense is by no means legendary.  The time that it was, many years ago, I was what my brothers lovingly (and supportively) called "ghetto fabulous."  I think that stage in my life was what inspired some of Lady Gaga's more heinous outfit choices.  And I'm proud.  I'll have to put up some pictures later of those "dark ages" if I can find them...because it's possible that I've burned all photographic evidence.  Now, at a far better chapter in my life fashion-wise, my style is what I would call...simple.  Most days you'll catch me in jeans and a white tee shirt, or shorts and a tank top.  Clearly the building blocks for greatness.  At best, I'll be in a pencil skirt and heels.  My pinnacles of style are Audrey Hepbrun and Coco Chanel.  So, like I said...simple.  You typically won't find me layered in clothes and jewelry so thickly that you wonder how I did it.  There's not a lot of genius here.  Unless there is a genius to minimalism.  Besides having some unexcitingly basic sensibilities, I'm also rather poor.  Nor am I as good at bargain hunting, thrifting, or garage-saling as I ought to be.

By this point, your mind is probably boggled as to why I started a fashion blog at all.  So let me explain. I'm addicted to fashion blogs, Etsy, and other avenues of online shopping.  My first motivation, to be totally honest, is that I find a bunch of AMAZING stuff which I can't afford to buy.  When I was little, I used to go through magazine and circle with a highlighter the things I would buy if I could.  This is probably just an older version of that.  Secondarily, I have a terrible memory.  Possibly the worst known to mankind.  I don't know what I've already worn, I won't remember when I put good combinations together, and if I don't document my occasional successes, I'll throw on my usual shorts and a V-neck, and gripe about how I don't have any clothes - simply because I don't know how to mix and match the ones that I have!  I keep a catalogue in my computer of outfits I've donned that I like and want to re-wear, which gives me ideas as well as keeps me from wearing the same exact clothes over and over that I already wore to Tuesday night movies or Saturday dinner at the in-law's.  Which I have been known to do.  And we all know husband doesn't remember if I wore something last Wednesday, as well.  It was my darling friend Hannah W. who is really responsible for me taking pictures of my own outfits, however.  She started posting the cutest pictures of herself in sweet outfits, which inspired me to do the same.  We share "OOTD's" which are, of course "Outfit Of The Day" pictures.

In addition to the fashion aspects of this blog, I find myself a writer who rarely (if ever) writes.  As you have probably deduced by now...I am long winded.  (Don't worry, not every post will have text, I promise - and certainly not this much.  O.O)  So the outlet for writing is a necessary one.  I'm also obsessed with animals - OBSESSED.  With a shocking lack of like-minded friends...which leaves me talking non-animal lovers' ears off about a subject they couldn't be less interested in, the poor people.  Again, outlet needed.  Finally, I think I was made for blogging, and the stars have aligned for me to start, at this time.  My history with blogging includes me, in high school, ranting about teachers and then getting in trouble for it.  With such an auspicious beginning, how can I deny that this is my destiny?  I can't.  Finally, I don't have a camera, even though I love photography.  Literally.   No.  Camera.  If you don't count the one on the old iphone, which nobody should - unless you can actually produce good pictures with it, in which case: you are a miracle worker and my hero.  And since beautiful pictures are the no. 1 draw to a blog, I'm perfectly set up for gigantic failure, odds which I can't resist.  Finally, when I asked on Facebook if I should start a fashion blog, I got one person who said that they would read it.  One.  (No surprise, it was the ever-lovely Hannah W. again.)  ONE PERSON!  I mean, dangnabbit, I have to write it for my one reader!  I can't keep her waiting!

So there it is, all the reasons I should and shouldn't have a blog, and I'm doing it anyway.  Look forward to posts such as OOTD (outfit of the day) where you'll see some pictures cataloguing something I'm wearing, Sewing Projects, where I'll show you something I've made, Drool, where you will be cursed with some beatific items to love and of course drool over.  There will be tutorials and helpful articles such as: Top Ten Ways to Get All The Clothes You Want Without Buying Any (...except not, I totally made that one up, because it isn't possible.  But you would completely read it, wouldn't you?  The articles I write will be ALMOST as good as that made up one...maybe) funny/helpful anecdotes about pets, marriage, and a slew of other things, and hopefully guest posts and someday GIVEAWAYS!  Someday.  I fear that I will need more than three readers in order to justify giveaways.  But refer your friends and then maybe they will happen!  ;D


AnnikaRinear said...

Oh Lovely! I have not been on facebook as much and so I don't believe i knew you were going to start a fashion blog! I shall read sweet elizabeth :D
oh, I loved your description of early fashion...since it keeps coming up, you really should find those pictures :D Love that you're doing this! you may inspire me to take pictures of my clothes...cause I like clothes a lot :D I love reading your thought my deawr!

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, I don't think it will let me reply to your comment in a way that alerts you. Hmm. Anyway, THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING! <3 Yeah I didn't mean to be all "no one is supporting me," I was just *trying* to be funny. >.< I know everyone is busy, and on fb you don't have time to read everything, if you even check it at all. I KNOW you support are, after all, pretty much my long lost twin. ;D I am so thrilled that you're going to read my ramblings! I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to give me feedback about what posts you prefer, as of course I am really new to this.

I know haha I am even pretty sure that I posted that before I saw your status about a party where you dress up like your teenage self. Which makes that quiiite funny. I am not at all convinced that I have any telltale pictures, but if I find them, I'll share. I AM going to do a post with all my different hair styles/colors (which is slightly similar subject matter) so that post ought to be novel-length, considering how often I change my hair. :D