Tuesday, 12 July 2011

OOTD: Boyfriend Flannel

My poll indicates that what you guys want to hear more about is marriage, by a slight margin.  Of course, I know one of those votes was my husband, who was not aware that the 'marriage content' I was referring to could be better named as 'jokes at husband's expense.'  (Clearly this is not the place to come for marriage advice.  ;) Anyway, to satisfy the cravings of my readers and to excuse the fact that this Outfit Of The Day (ootd) post is neither very fashionable nor enlightening, I bring you: boyfriend flannel.  Which is me raiding Derek's closet.  It was so comfortable, I loved it.  I feel a dangerous tradition in the making.  Don't worry, I have ideas for more stylish ways to wear boys' shirts, which you will see later.

Also, Derek really liked this outfit.  A COMFORTABLE OUTFIT THAT A MALE LIKES?!  A BAGGY comfortable outfit that a man likes?  I might as well close this blog.  You have no need for me, I leave you with the only piece of advice you'll ever need: go steal your significant other's clothes and live in comfort all of your days.  I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness, why is it that men love it when their ladyfriend wears their clothing?  It's funny, and great.
 Softest, yummiest flannel shirt ever: American Eagle for guys
 Shorts:  Hydraulic (possibly purchased at Target?)  Skinny braided leather belt: Forever21 Ribbed tank: Hand-me-down NecklaceJmundoDesigns
Sunglasses: somewhere embarrassing like Claires Lips: Maybelline ColorSensation lip stain in Cherry Pop Random Straps: handmade purse

Have I revolutionized your life?  You're welcome.

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Jordyn said...

You're so witty. and creative. I love you. :)