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Hairstyles That Inspire Me

I realized after I posted my last entry, "A Walk Down Hair...I mean memory lane," it could have seemed as though I was advising people to follow in my footsteps.  That was not my intent, as I have made a lot of hair choices that have been less than ideal, that I would not encourage people to emulate.  I was showing the past pictures for fun, and also wanted to make the point that change can be good.  To give better proof to my argument than my often hair-raising pics did, here is a compilation of hairstyles (usually not my own) which inspire me...and might just inspire you!
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1... Short hair, to me, is beautiful, and so feminine.  Long hair is safer and typically considered by the populace to be more girly, but whenever I see a young woman with a short hairstyle, I always stop and stare (enviously).  Long hair is very beautiful, but I feel like what's beautiful is the hair, and it takes the attention off of glorious, radiant you.  Short hair shows off your facial features, it makes your eyes look huge, your bones look delicate, it just shines this big beautiful spotlight on your face.  It's also super easy to care for, and it looks good with everything.  For Success:  try and keep it soft.  A little volume or swoopiness goes a long way to keeping this look ulta-feminine.  (Though I love short hair, this look didn't work for me because my hair is very coarse and stiff, with TONS of cowlicks on my head.  It made one mean faux-hawk, but it refused to lay down flat and dociley, as this look requires.)  Take your face shape into account, you may need a little more length framing your cheeks (it can still be super short in the back) or side bangs.  Also think about the work.  For example, I found that I had to shower every morning because sleeping on a pixie cut makes it stand up funny.  If your hair is more soft, a simple misting (if anything) might work.  Also, I felt compelled to wear more makeup, and always keep my clothes very girly, to compensate for the lack of locks.

2 I did shave my head at one point, partially just to try it, partially to push myself out of my comfort zone and to not be vain, but also partially because I was addicted to the movie V for Vendetta starring Natalie Portman, who looks ridiculously gorgeous with a shaved head.  She is one of the world's most beautiful women with a head of hair, yet she amazed me even further without hair.  I feel like it did for her what short hair does for a girl with a pixie-ish face.  It made her incredible.  That's not really what it did for me, but I did have a very cool faux-hawk once it grew out a little bit.  For Success:  Do not do this unless you are comfortable (and usually) have very short hair.  Considerations for having super short hair should be taken into account here, even more so.

3 Bobs are beautiful, flattering, and very modern.  They come in every style and shape to suit tastes from edgy to conservative.  Whether it be an A-line bob, a basic above-shoulder haircut, or an asymmetrical bob, you just really cannot go wrong with a bob.  This is definitely the hair cut I would have if I could get my hair to straighten or be really curly (it sort of is the hair cut I have right now, regardless).  I think it is the best haircut I've ever seen on both Rihanna and Gwyneth Paltrow.  I love it when they're really sleek, have a lot of swing, and sometimes are a little bit messy.  Super curly is also an adorable bob look.   There are so many different ways you can wear the same bob!  Gwyneth's is even long enough to put in a ponytail.  I envy the fact that her hair straightens.  For Success:  Consult your face shape, and whether you need or want any kind of bangs.  Think about whether you want it long enough to put into a ponytail or not.  Think about how else you will wear it, i.e. straightened or not, parted in the middle or on the side, messy and artistic or smooth.  Research the different kinds and communicate with your hair dresser.

4.... Short bangs are cute, low maintenance, and a way to soften up your look.  They need virtually no styling, and make pulling your hair back into a ponytail with flattering detail as easy as can be!  For Success: Realize that they will take a long time to grow out.  Make sure that you don't have a cowlick at your forehead, and that your hair isn't too stiff when short - mine was both, and so my little short bangs wouldn't lay flat!  Have a stylist cut them - don't cut your own.  It is way too easy to make them too short.

5  Above-shoulder length wavy/curly hair, also technically a bob.   This is elegant and easy.  It's also my favorite look for the hair-chamelion Victoria Beckham.  Since she has an exquisite face, she is a bomb shell with a pixie cut, but I think that this look softens up an expression that typically looks a little bit harsh to me.  It gives her infallible old Hollywood glamor, too.  For Success:  Keep it polished.  It's still very styled and smooth even though it's curly and low-maintenance.  I also love the backward-direction of the styling.  Put lots of mouse in there and keep the curls/waves big and frizz free.  Don't forget to add a flattering side part!

6....  Oh man.  I just love afros.  They are so BEAUTIFUL and natural!  They look beautiful when they are healthy and shiny.  Typically, the more defined the curl, the better.  I prefer them in a shape that isn't a huge sphere - I think less of a globe is more modern nowadays.  It can even be parted down the middle and hang near your shoulders.  And look, it can even be worn by white women!  Sign me up, holy gosh.  For Success:  Give it a definite shape.  It doesn't have to be a sphere, and the curls don't have to be tightly-packed, but don't let it became some weirdly layered frizzy flyaway past-the-shoulders thing.  The yoga mom organic look.  You know what I'm talking about.  Keep it groomed, clean, and healthy.  Don't let it get streaked with grey hairs, either.  But most importantly of all...embrace your beautiful curly hair, and know that here's at least one sad girl who envies you.  ;D

7  Red hair.  It's my favorite hair color, in any shade and in any hair is just the best.  I mean there's really not a lot of debate here, guys.  For Success:  If you have red hair...ROCK IT LIKE IT'S HOT.  Because it is.  If you don't, find a shade that will complement your skin tone (try asking your stylist).  Also, in my personal opinion, don't go too dark or too close to brown.  It might be easier to pull off, but it's not what we adore about eye-catching red, is it?  On the flipside, keep it a very natural looking red.  Only a select few can pull off a vibrant true red.

8  Hair pulled back severely off the face is rarely very flattering.  Braids (think french braids starting at a deep side-part that frame your face) are extremely in this season.  They are so "in" that I almost don't want to do them...because everyone who knows anything is doing them.  But they are so darn flattering, I can't pass them up!  My husband loves when I pull my hair back with a braid.  Also, think outside the box.  Do two braids and put your hair in a low gather or bun instead of a ponytail.  There's something more nostalgic and feminine about it, don't you think?  For Success:  Keep the braid neat.  Don't allow too many flyaways.  It might take a few times to get it right.  This look is very worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to put your hair back - and it's surprisingly easy.

9. Creamy blonde hair is my second favorite hair color.  Kate Hudson usually sports this beautiful color, and the movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days showcases it (I also love how she dresses in khaki colors a lot to complement it).  For Success:  Use the lightest color of Loreal dye-at-home hair color, or, better yet, go to a professional salon.  Do your touch ups religiously!  Shampoo and condition with product for blonde hair.  If it is blue or purple tinted, don't use it every time and watch your hair closely...mine got a pink tinge after using purple shampoo for too long!

10...  Long brown hair with bangs is a look I always love.  It's so simple and looks smashing on anyone. As a plus side, you need so little makeup with it!  This sounds kinda' bad, but if you want to hide your face/self, this is a good way to do it.  Just make the bangs extra long, and your hair extra voluminous.  This also looks adorable with shorter bangs or pulled back into a ponytail.  Zooey Deschanel is the poster child of this look.  For Success:  Make sure your hair is thick, or add voluminous layers.  Don't make the bangs too long if you like the spotlight to be on yours eyes.  Really, though, there's no way to fail at this look.  It's fool proof.

11...  Long hair with body (especially brown).  This is a bit of a continuation from no. 10, but you don't need bangs for this one.  I love hair with volume.  It doesn't have to be curly or even wavy, though you will need layers if it isn't.  There's so much movement, it's so forgiving and flattering.  It can be polished or downright frumpy, and it still looks awesome!  For Success:  I prefer a light to medium brown for this look, for whatever reason.  Add volume with curlers, layers, product, and fluffing with your fingers.  Blow dry with a diffuser to keep hair light, airy, and not pin-straight.

12  Super straight, sleek, shining hair.  I prefer this in a medium brown color, and it looks best if your hair is thick.  It should also be cut to have a subtle but polished shape.  Pantene commercials seem to showcase this style a lot.  For Success:  Your hair needs to be extremely healthy for this look.  Split ends need to NOT exist.  Even if your hair is very straight, you may still need to straighten it.  I recommend having gloss-coating color put on your hair, and treat your hair to deep conditioning.

13..  Updos.  I like them smooth and elegant or messy and romantic.  Keep them full for best results.  If your hair is too short to go back much, curl it and pin up the curls to fake it (as mine is on the first updo). For Success:  Do whatever suits your taste.  It should look good from every angle, and it's best if the pins don't show.  If you have dark hair, add a white peacock feather or a glittering faux diamond hair clip.  If you have light hair, try a blue peacock feather or black glass bling.  To add volume if your hair isn't very long or thick, tease hair backwards in sections before wrapping it around in a bun.  To finish it off smoothly, lightly brush the exposed parts with a short-bristled brush before wrapping it up.

So what do you guys think?  What are YOUR favorite hairstyles?  Do you/have you had one of these and either hate it or love it?  Share your thoughts!

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