Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Camping Trip Preview

Some quick, smallish pics of our camping trip.  Hopefully I'll get the larger-format sizes to show you guys later.  As you can see, though, it was really beautiful!

My sexy husband.  The last pic taken of him before he got rid of his farmer's tan.  

It looks like I have a giant, personal black raincloud.  No, it's just a sun umbrella.  :P

Haha I love how Linus is looking the wrong way in that photo.

That's all you get for now because husband and I are going to go see Harry Potter tonight, and I'm dressing up like Hermione from the last movie, while I'm going to try and get Derek to dress up like Harry, although the sweltering heat is against us.  Pics of that tomorrow, of course!  Cheerio!  I am about to embark on the most epic film adventure of all time.  I can already feel the sense of loss, knowing that it's over...

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vanessa said...

My mom's famous non-posing family photographs!