Monday, 25 July 2011

Drool List: Comfortably Girly, and Giveaways!

This is a list of all the things I am currently hankering for.  Join me in drooling, why don'tcha'? 
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1.  Nautical Wrap Cork Wedges from Sperry $60
Most of my shoes have heels, the reason being that whenever I go shoe-shopping, those are the ones that look the prettiest!  However, high-heels aren't that comfortable.  This is not true of wedges.  I actually find them to be more comfortable than flats, although perhaps that's because I don't have good arches in my feet.  Unfortunately, the only wedges I own are ancient and from Payless.  Time for an update.  I love these, but maybe I should get something that would match more than these stripey ones would?

2.  Floral Flats $28
Even my pair of "flats" have a little bitty wedge heel on them.  Honestly.  I should be ashamed of myself.  So, I'm in the market for some real flats, and these lovely floral ones are truly beautiful.  As impractical as white shoes can be, one of my favorite, most-worn shoes ever were a pair of white sequinned slip-ons.  They definitely quickly turned into more of a cream color, but I still loved them.  I even think these would match a lot of clothes...

3.  Flower Sandals by Chelsea Crew $50
Since I don't yet own a pair of cute sandals, I'm stuck wearing flip-flops in the summer time.  These look like a great mix of sandal and flat, and with how they strap on, sturdy enough even for bike riding.  Plus, they're gorgeous.

4. Racerback Tunic from Threadsence $27
I love how this is light, airy, sporty, and romantic all at the same time.  Also, not only does it have stripes on it, but the stripes are brown (AKA best color ever).  So it's pretty much hard to get any better than that.

5.  Whistle Necklace from Forever21 $3.80
Functional necklaces are the coolness.  They're extra rad if you add additional charms onto them.  At just under $4, this is the perfect piece to start with.

6.  Striped Romper $13.50
Rompers are incredibly in right now, and I will probably cry when this fashion trend goes away.  Get in on this action right now!  Dressing has never been any easier.  As simple to throw on as a dress, but far more functional, and at under $14, this is THE ONE.  I was going to make myself one out of more sensible (read here: less fun) black, but I doubt I can get comfortable fabric for less than $14.  I need to get my booty to a Forever21 ASAP.

7.  Never-Ending Beaded Bag $65
No drool list is complete without my current fanatical obsession.  (As seen in this previous post.)  This adorable "clutch" bag is deceptively, and appropriately, huge.  I am currently trying to get someone to custom-make it for me on a craft site for a lot less.  So far, no dice.

8.  Lacey Shorts $28
Lace-trimmed shorts for wearing alone or as a tomboyish, practical slip substitute under a skirt or dress, seems like a fantastic idea, and I plan to get on board with that.  It occurred to me that they would also make a super cute and unique swimsuit cover-up.  These ones are darling, but you can also make your own by trimming white fabric shorts or boxers with lace.

9.  Jade Maxi Skirt from Ruche $35
Maxi skirts are wayyy more comfortable than jeans, and you don't even have to shave to wear them!  They are also surprisingly cool in the summer.  This one, in its thirst-quenching, drinkable turquoise shade, is completely lust-worthy.  The fold-over waist also makes for supreme comfort.  Although this is priced quite reasonably, you could also try making your own, using this tutorial (just make your skirt a bit longer for maxi length).  I just doubt I would find a color of fabric I would love as much as this one from Ruche.

10.  Umbrellas Tank $29
I have a thing for umbrellas.  This breezy tank top is ah-dore-ah-ble!  It's a quirky, cheerful way to kiss summer goodbye.

P.S.  Feeling blue because you can't afford any of that terrific stuff?  Well how about a give-a-way to cheer you up?  I love give aways where all you have to do is comment or like something on Facebook.  Sure, sometimes the odds are as steep as 500 to one, but as I blithely tell Derek, the odds just simply don't apply to me.  It's a happy thought, frankly, and I suggest you adopt it!
This adorable fashion blog that I am currently addicted to, Rose A La Mode, is having one of those give aways, for TWO pairs of fantastically fantastic Hunter's boots!  So go enter!

P.P.S.  If one giveaway isn't enough for you (greedy you) check out the giveaway going on at The Man Repeller blog, here.  Not only is she giving away one super sexy dress, but the giveaway post is one of the funniest pieces of blogging comedy I've ever seen.  As long as you're not easily offended, go read it nooooow.


WanderLust said...

Lusting all of these pieces! Great picks to drool over :) Following you!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much, darlin'! Your blog is GREAT, by the way.

Emma Robertson said...

So many adorable things! I love all the stripes going on.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Emma! Adorable blog, and I used to live in Tennessee, as well! I don't envy you the heat and humidity, although it is actually really hot and humid here, too, even. It's crazy the heat wave that is going on right now.