Friday, 29 July 2011

Today...I played paper dolls. Without the dolls.

Today I decided to "try out", which for me, means becoming immediately addicted/obsessed and tooling around on it all day.  It's exactly like playing paper dolls, but with an endless amount of clothing, and without the dumb dolls.  I've ALWAYS wanted something where I could put clothes together.  I hoped for a computer program like the rich girl had in the movie Clueless, which put together an outfit for her every morning.  Well, Polyvore will have to do. It's even practical in that you can find clothing items you already own, and see what other people would pair it with.  Instant inspiration!  Not to mention, the most fun you'll have since the last time you played with paper dolls.

To see a breakdown of the items showcased in the above picture, check out the set on Polyvore.  My account name there is ThatLadyWithTheDog.  If you have one or get one, let me know!  I'll check out your ensembles.  

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