Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Walk Down Hair Lane...I mean memory lane.

Nearly every hairstyle I've ever had.  Click to view it real size!
I was going to go through and explain each picture...but then...I thought better of it.  Instead, I'll just overview it.  My hair has been every color of the hair-spectrum rainbow, from various shades of red to various shades of brown.  I've also tried several shades of blonde and even had blue ends in my hair once (unfortunately, not pictured).  I've had it down to my butt (for about half of my life or more) and I've shaved my head to less than half an inch long.  My hair has been curly and straight, but it's usually some annoying quasi state in between where it refuses to be either.  It's been fauxhawked, swooped, worn with bangs and without.  In short, there's very little I haven't done.  I haven't dyed my hair pink (I still sort of want to) or done dreadlocks (still really want to) but I have done...almost everything else.

The pictures are pretty nearly in order.  From the top left picture, I doubt I had ever really cut my hair before then and I had certainly never dyed it.  I'm younger than I look there.  To the bottom right corner, which is somewhat how my hair looks now, although it isn't as dark as the picture makes it appear.  From here, my plan is to grow it out to mid-back, leaving it natural color and relatively unlayered until I reach that point, wearing it curly.  Once I reach that length, I want to bleach it blonde again.  Woohoo!  Once I get there, I will probably change my mind again.  The point is that hair is fun, have fun with it!  Sometimes making a small change like adding subtle highlights or getting a hardly-there shaping (heck, even just having it professionally styled for a day) can make you fall in love with your hair again.  Buy hair products, do some research on how to care for your hair type or style it.  And if you've had the same hair for years and years...why not change it, just a little bit?  Grow it a little longer with layers or get a modern, asymmetrical bob.  Have your hair darkened slightly or add sun-kissed highlights.  I've heard it said that hair is the accessory you wear every day.  It's your most important one!

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